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Whoever has booked his »Nightflight« on German radio station Klassik Radio before knows of the ambient delights and stimulating impulses from the show’s cornucopia of global electronic listenining music. Hooked to every weekend’s double offering, fans and connoisseurs appreciate DJ Nartak’s golden touch at selecting extraordinary tunes, and his skills in arranging them on a string of deep atmospheric expressions. Some of his followers nicknamed him pearl diver, as he manages to salvage the most exquisite tracks from the sheer infinite sea of sounds and put them in a most delectable mix.

Since December 2004, Nartak has worked for Klassik Radio. His Klassik Lounge Nightflight show is a unique and sensitive array of music, such as: downtempo, chill out, world, nujazz, ambient, and new contemporary classics. Soon the show established as one of the best international radio formats for electronic listening music. So far 8 Double CD compilations got released, underlining Nartak’s reputation as a “master of subtle tones and atmospheres”.

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