Liquid Sound

Water is an infinite source of life with strange and luring voices. Many different ears are listening. Underwater ears. Look around – you are not alone on Planet Pool. There is light, color, warmth and good company. Some people have their eyes closed, half dreaming, half dancing; others are floating weightlessly in and out of real time, thereby immediately understanding physically the concept of LIQUID SOUND.

Liquid Sound Vol.3
compiled and mixed by DJ Nartak
Lemongrassmusic, LGM067-2 (CD/Download)

01 Ohm-G – “This Is Not The Ocean (JoJo’s 2010 Rmx)”
02 Mirage Of Deep – “Infinite Blue”
03 Aquarelsingers – “The Dream Goes Around”
04 Bahramji & Mashti – “Heartbeat”
05 Gustavo Santaolalla – “New Old Land”
06 Junopilot – “Teleskop”
07 Carbon Based Lifeforms – “20 Minutes”
08 Pan – “Liquid Interlude”
09 Laya Project – “Water Side”
10 Sambox – “Into The Dream”
11 Bliss feat. Lisbeth Scott – “Reveal”
12 Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder – “Orange One (Chill Out Mix)”
13 Bob Holroyd – “A Chance Encounter”
14 David & Steve Gordon – “Daybreak Appears”
15 Lemongrass . “Coral Reef”
16 Caban – “Vapour”
17 Weathertunes – “Healing Water”

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DJ Nartak in his own words about his compiling and mixing work for “Liquid Sound Vol.03”

What was important for you while selecting tracks for “Liquid Sound Vol.03”?

From the beginning I had this vision of creating a homogeneous musical journey, which would carry the vibes of Liquid Sound’s bathing and relaxation experience. At the same time it should also work for “dry listening” at home.My intention was not only to create a deep relaxing ambiental selection, I also wanted to show the different expressions water can have: sparkling, shimmering, powerful and free flowing This may sound like a conflict but it was the challenge I wanted to take on meet I wanted the mix to lead the listener & floater carefully towards silence and letting go, at the same time offering inspiring musical impulses from different genres and musical sources. To bring this vision to life I received support from a wide and various bunch of artists and producers from all over the planet, whose contributions not only reflect their individual and cultural roots, but also – probably without them being aware of it – the sounds of water from their own local neighborhood. “Mirage of deep”, for instance, are from Spain, the “Aquarelsingers” are from Russia, “Caban” from Mexico, “Bahramji” is a Persian Sufi and the “Laya Project” comes from India.

Are there any tracks on the compilation which are specially important to you?

To me, each and every tune and track on “Liquid Sound Vol.03” is a highlight, because they are all pieces of the puzzle which complete the resulting sound. My highest respect to all artists and labels that are included! Some tracks have a story of their own or were particularly important right from the start. For example having double-“Academy Award” winner Gustavo Santaolalla on board is a great honor. His contribution is an excerpt from his outstanding “Nanga Parbat” soundtrack. Personal highlights are also the “Laya Project”, which carefully reflects the cultural background of the Tsunami 2004 region, or the blissful “Carbon based lifeforms” piece – delivered by the excellent French Ambient label “Ultimae Records”. Finally I would like to point out that quite a few tracks and mixes are especially composed for this Liquid Sound compilation. Among them are “Ohm-G”, “Pan”, “Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder”, “Mirage of deep” and “Weathertunes”, who created a beautiful “coming home” after the journey.

Can you tell us something about the collaboration with Micky Remann, the “Liquid Sound” initiator and cultural director of the Toskana thermal baths ? Did he influence your work?

Oh yes. Micky shared his experiences of his daily work with “liquid” music. He continuously deals with artists from different genres and different cultural background whom he invites to perform live on stage at the 3 Toskana thermal baths, where the music is actually transmitted and heard under water. Acts like “Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder” and “Aquarelsingers” were enjoyed by countless bathing guests in the water, now they are integrated in my mix.

It’s also worth mentioning that Ohm-G’s “This is not the ocean”, in its original version was the opening track on “Liquid Sound Vol.01”. Over the years the tune developed to some sort of hymn or signature for Liquid Sound. Therefore we were extremely happy, that Ohm-G allowed us to do a special remix for our compilation. This was beautifully done by Jojo Büld (Junopilot, Dhoop-Sticks). I hope all of you will enjoy the big splash right at the beginning and the surprise appearance of an aircraft symbolizing, tongue-in-cheek, the take-off of our liquid journey …

Liquid Sound is a contemporary bathing experience for relaxation and inspiration. The water becomes a stage for music events which stimulate the senses, inspire the imagination and motivate a return to natural rhythms. Listening and relaxing, floating weightlessly in a sensuous waterworld, eyes open or closed, there is nothing to do but to do nothing. The experience offers a dolphin-like lightness to the seeker of health and gives substance to the popular quest for multimedia-entertainment. In spite of its many stylistic expressions and spectacular effects, the Liquid Sound experience of bathing in light and music offers a quality of “inner journey” that counterbalances the stress of everyday life.

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