Groove On, Earth!

True experts of relaxing grooves and atmospheres are hard to find. Here is one. Many people probably know DJ Nartak for his excellent shows on Klassik Radio, Deluxe Lounge Radio and Planet Radio. But he is also the founder of Jubilee records, Free Form and abstrait music. Countless gigs all over the world and a big bunch of releases in almost 20 years of his DJ career proved his broad musical understanding and stylistic flexibility.

So come on, feel invited to follow DJ Nartak’s words: GROOVE ON, EARTH! Riding on a dub groove with flamenco guitars to the bright waves of west coast California, after a Waikiki cruise to the flamingo islands get your drums and didgeridoos, gather around a fireplace and let your sound become a part of a golden sunset, joined by hand clapping, chanting Asian woman and guitar players from the Balearic islands… Names don’t matter, but for those who know the tracklist of this fabulous selection contains many highly acclaimed artists from all over the world being Nartak’s friends on this journey.

Electronic listening music has developed far beyond of any genre limitations. Modern music sounds like digging in the depth of our musical cosmos combined with the endless humming of our beautiful planet Earth. Well, thats just DJ Nartak’s view, but it seems he is quite right with his visionary & inspiring statement for a global get-together forming ONE sound and ONE vibe.

01 Mark Oakland feat. Ruben Lima – »Remember«
02 Massivan – »Wide (Razoof & Emanuel’s Lasso Dub)«
03 Eddie Silverton – »Bring Me The Spring«
04 D/Jam/Be – »Sunset«
05 Jasmon – »Chant«
06 Five Seasons – »Mrs. Hippie (GOE Mix)«
07 Deep Dive Corp. – »Walker (Ohm-G Rmx)«
08 Lemongrass – »Elle Et Moi (2009 Extended Mix)«
09 Pit Baumgartner – »Cruise Waikiki«
10 JetTricks ft. Ade Funke & Faye Houston  -»Lose You (Lemongrass Dp.Hs. Mix)«
11 Kiwi Twist – »Viva La Revolution«
12 Josete Ordoñez – »Titirimundi«
13 Genetic Drugs & Jasmon – »Lost Frequencies«
14 InnamoratoDellaMusica – »Venice«
15 Junopilot – »Flügelfahrt«
16 Beach Hoppers – »City Light«
17 Pan – »Garden«
Bundle only: DJ Nartak says GROOVE ON, EARTH! – Bonus Mix – (72:25 min)