GLO-bality are sensetively selected, high-quality musical journeys, combining new sound developements with traditional soundscapes of our world, creating so a fascinating Ambience, whether it is pure Chillout or dynamic grooves. Every Globality mix is unique and special in itself, whichsoever music genres are included, whether it is Chillout, World, Ambient, NuJazz, Dub or Lounge.

Globality is a one-world-one-sound vision, crossing musical bounderies by including elements of cultural traditions from all over the planet. Therefor Globality is also a reflection of the world affairs and events of the day as a proof for a peaceful and respectful get-together. With its ability to transport global and spiritual issues music has a great emotive impact on one’s understanding of Oneness beyond linguistic and physical differences.

In a profound way the name and the country identification “GLO” symbolize membership of a world-embracing music community. Developed in collaboration with the internationally known graphic designer Andrew Fynecontry Happy de Bana, the creative usage of the logo is simply limitless whether in a humorous way or with an emotional appeal.


Following the Globality intro styled by Henrik Raabe and Jakob Seidensticker (aka The Havana Boys) DJ PING & P.M.FM waste no time throttling open the gas cock enabling the GLO balloon to rise majestically over the savannah to their track »African Gypsy«. With the rootsy track »Too Fast For Eye« Paum keep up the tempo and the vibe (incidentally DE-PHAZZ Mastermind Pit Baumgartner is behind this project). What’s next? Peacelounge’s very own Flamingo Star puts his »Django’s Dub« somewhere between Kingston and Buenos Aires: Tango meets heavy beats and melancholy, which the following act Lucky Loop immediately disperses with a dose of »Samba fun«. The key message from Real XS from Ibiza is just as beautiful as it is simple: »Love Will Set You Free«; what can you add TO that? »If sampling is a crime, I’m guilty«, says DJ Disse from Copenhagen, who delivers the next highlight with »Taxi To War« and an irresistible handclap groove. Followed closely by bass legend Helmut Hattler (Kraan, Tab Two), who serves us a seducing instrumental with a »cinnamon« fragrance. Carmen Zajber and the Havana Boys Raabe and Seidensticker are behind the project Unisein and with spoken word and acoustic guitar grant us a moment of calm on the first GLOBALITY CD. The Norwegian band Washington provides a shot of Nordic melancholy with »Astral Sky« in a formidable Rune Lindbaek mix. The GLO bus continues its journey; the meeting point is the »Spanish Joint« by Trackyard, and a rascal who thinks something evil when he hears the word »joint«. »Mind and Soul« can also be doped using purely musical means, as DAO demonstrate with their global grooving and previously unreleased piece, followed by another peacelounge act, Weathertunes with their dreamy track »After Dawn«. Wareika wake us again gently with their subversive, minimalist groove »Belonging« (likewise previously unreleased), before the Düsseldorf sound architect Thomas Kessler throws our senses into total disarray again with »The Pure Jazz«, a piece that is anything but purist. The fading of the Globality outro brings the first part of our journey to an end.


The second stage of our Globality trip begins with the familiar intro. We land the GLO balloon chez Chris and didgeriStu in Queensland, Australia, who with the hypnotic track »One« whisk us away us to the magical world of sound of Oka. At some point we will certainly return to it. But for now we are going to listen to some tasty Indian music from dhoop-sticks , who have crafted Jon Lord’s legendary “Bouree” into wonderful, slow Sitar funk. Time for a stroll by the sea, a wonderfully relaxed “Pacific Walk” with Green Empathy aka Daniel Voss (who we knew as the one half of Weathertunes). The origin of Mathieu & Florzinho’s “Elements of Life” will no doubt remain unknown, yet it is clear that you will only very rarely get to hear such a dazzling Jamaican-Asian-Balearic influenced dub. Globality changes continent once again: With “Vadom’Alo” by Human Art Engine we journey to Africa, Benin to be more precise, the home country of Alexis Madokpon, who in terms of vocals knows how to move on at least three levels of the opulent sound structures by the multi-instrumentalist Rupert Schellenberger. Fancy a short trip into space? If so there is no need to emit mega-tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, as Gerrit van der Meer demonstrates with his six-and-a-half minute “Umbient”. Back on earth Henschkeschlott and Pascal von Wroblewsky remind us that a “Good Thing” needs to be treated with care – in musical terms they oscillate between jazz, ambient-dub and singer/songwriter. Somewhat cooler, but irresistibly grooving, Morphosis lure us to an extraterrestrial place “Where Time Becomes a Loop”. On the other hand if anything the loops by Hermann Langschwert, who takes us along on his hypnotic “Dream Caravan”, come across as oriental. Until now experts at best were aware of the fact that Bedouins can rock, but the fact that there is some excellent dubbing going on in Hamburg has long been an open secret: The Havana Boys, who already gave us the lovely intro and outro, now make a powerful return with the recently crafted 2008 dub mix of their formidable track “It‘s Nice To See People So Happy”. And this really does make you happy… Bob Holroyd, who with “Looking Back” takes a multi-ethnic, meandering look back at his own musical expeditions to the edge of the civilized world, also does us proud. Roland Voss alias Jasmon on the other hand is an avowed fan of Japan, something that you can hear in his wonderful, slightly “dubbed” “Hatori”. With almost the same vibe and tempo Redlounge Orchestra creates a musical aerial view of a “Quiet Earth” before our very eyes. And the end of our journey takes us back to a sunny place that fortunately still has sufficient oases of peace and quiet for stressed cosmopolitans: In Ibiza, under the name Lev Tahor (pure heart), Maureen und Amu live and make music, and with “Alma Calma” they paint a subtle acoustic picture to mark the end of our global journey. With the last beats of the Globality outro we too leave this magical place and look forward to continuing the journey.