Klassik Lounge Playlist13

Klassik Lounge 08-11-2017


1. Peter Broderick, If I were a runway model (Erased Tapes)
2. Ancient Astronauts & Azeem, Caravans to Mecca (Instrumental) (Switchstance)
3. B.J. Smith, Got so long (NuNorthern Soul)
4. Alexander S. Karlov, Sweet smoke (19Box Recordings)
5. Kaygee, Humos de Boira (Fertil Discos)


1. Hammock, Meier (Hammock Music / OST “Columbus”)
2. Fortnite (Robot Koch and Fiora), Gasoline (Trees & Cyborgs)
3. Sophie Barker, 3 Things (Rena Jones Remix) (Disco Gecko)
4. Alucidnation, Summer 07 (Lucid Recordings)
5. Desolate, Late flowering (Fauxpas Musik)
6. Cydelix Vs Red Eye Express, Una faccia una razza (Tempest)
7. saib., Pastel (Cold Busted)
8. Aron Ottignon, Rivers (Blue Note)


1. Acid Pauli, Release (Ouïe / “Es war einmal Indianerland”)
2. Kllo, Downfall (Different Recordings)
3. KOAN Sound & Asa, Starlite (Inspected Records)
4. Högni, Crash (Erased Tapes)
5. Project Blue Sun, Event horizon (Real Groove Lounge)
6. Oliver Koletzki, Byron Bay (Stil Vor Talent)
7. David Baron, Earthling (Here & Now)


1. Owsey, Ashes (Bandcamp)
2. Subset, Hall lane (Deeptakt)
3. Dictaphone, 105.4 (Denovali)
4. Brambles, In the androgynous dark (Serein)
5. A Cerulean State, At 25,000 miles per hour (AMG Records)
6. Beyond, Nini Nini (iGrooveNext)
7. Ceeys, Hover, over, me (1631 Recordings)

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