Klassik Lounge Playlist11

Klassik Lounge 23-10-2017


1. Goldmund, Thread (Friends Of Friends)
2. Hush Forever, Something/Nothing (Zack)
3. Tosca, Dr. Dings (!k7)
4. Grandbrothers, Studie V (Grand Optimist Remix) (Film)
5. Calmstreet, Expensive porcelain (Pmusica)
6. Kick Bong, Above the tree (CosmicLeaf)
7. Sophie Barker, Breathe me in (Disco Gecko)


1. Lusine, Ticking hands (Ghostly)
2. MC Yogi & East Forest, Temples (MC Yogi)
3. Mirage Of Deep, Snooper (Instrumental) (Lemongrassmusic)
4. Jeppe Kjellberg, I ask (Friends Of Friends)
5. Der Waldläufer, Yanaras light (Ambiosoul)
6. Lav & Purl, Remembering (A Strangely Isolated Place)
7. Thoma, On reflection (Loci Records)


1. Fabrizio Paterlini, Historiette No. 2 (FPR)
2. Different Sleep, Paintings (Friends Of Friends)
3. Corrado Saija, Misurazioni (Lemongrassmusic)
4. Billy Esteban, Coffee with my friend (Ethno Experience)
5. Unhappiness, Blunted (CosmicLeaf)
6. Vermont, Chanang (Kompakt)


1. Nouvelle Vague, Loneliness (Kwaidan Records)
2. Stuce The Sketch, Resonating love (Lemongrassmusic)
3. Thomas Lemmer, A VIII (Sine Music)
4. Leda, Bagualas de tucuman (El Remolon Remix) (Fértil Discos)
5. Jacob Gurevitsch, Obsessed (Music For Dreams)
6. Stevin McNamara, Yoga nidra dream Part 2 (White Swan)

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