Klassik Lounge Playlist13

Klassik Lounge 18-10-2017


1. Desolate, Farewell #5 (Fauxpas Musik)
2. Jason Van Wyk, Clouds (Home Normal)
3. Naoki Kenji, Akatombo (4mpo)
4. saib., Blue memories (Cold Busted)
5. Kalabi, There you are (Mareld)
6. Side Liner & Kick Bong, Minimanimal (CosmicLeaf)
7. Last Days, Whitecaps (n5MD)


1. Blank & Jones, The very end (Soundcolours)
2. Carbon Based Lifeforms, Accede (Leftfield Records)
3. Null + Void, Where I Wait (feat. Dave Gahan) (hfn)
4. David Baron, Under rain (Here & Now)
5. Beyond, Salutations (iGrooveNext.com)
6. Alucidnation, Spare room (Lucid Recordings)
7. A Cerulean State, For a moment you were mine (AMG Records)


1. Högni, Andaðu (Erased Tapes)
2. Ceeys, Lumen (1631 Recordings)
3. Hiatus, Strays (Lucky Thunder)
4. Aweki, Higher (Deja-Tunes)
5. Acid Pauli, Edda’s cumbia (Ouïe)
6. The Soul Session, You are everything feat. Krishnamurti (Agogo)
7. Portico Quartet, Lines glow (Gondwana Records)
8. Owsey, The melody that plays loud through sundown skies (Bandcamp)


1. Kryshe, Whales in the sky (Serein)
2. Fourth Dimension, Singularity (Synphaera)
3. Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit, The librarian (Nonplace)
4. Filter-Kaffee, Made @ OPD103 (Manikin)
5. Hammock, For my sister (Hammock Music)

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