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Klassik Lounge 26-09-2017


1. DJ Drez, Light me up feat. Marti Nikko (Nectar Drop Music)
2. Tor, Days are gone (Loci Records)
3. Ólafur Arnalds, RGB (LateNightTales)
4. The Silver Lake Chorus, From the Snow Tipped Hills (Carmen Rizzo Rmx) (Six Degrees)
5. Capa, The acting compass (Lemongrass outer space Remix) (LGM)
6. Scann-Tec, Unyt (Ultimae)


1. Dimitri Grechi Espinosa, La sua belleza (Ponderosa)
2. Ben Lucas Boysen, Nocturne (Erased Tapes)
3. Giz, Closed window (Millenium Jazz Music)
4. Master Margherita & Ermetico, Blue fish (Winter Mix) (Ultimae/NFL8)
5. Tempelhof & Gigi Masin, The flying man (Hell Yeah)
6. Antonymes, Towards trategy and dissolution (Hidden Shoal)
7. Darshan Ambient, Fire light (Spotted Peccary)


1. Nacho Sotomayor, Aylan (Absolut Ambient)
2. Massive Attack & Azekel, Ritual spirit (Virgin)
3. Chill Carrier, Flow (Chillax)
4. Yaima, Reflection (Jumpsuit Records)
5. Dee C’rell, Is this how love ends (Holm Records)
6. My Neighbour Is, 2Souls (The beginning) (Cold Busted)
7. Pitch Black, Invisible chatter (Dubmission)


1. Helios, Land father (Unseen)
2. Marshall Watson, Far off hills and wires (Seven Villas Voyage)
3. Anne Garner, Your name (Adrian Carter Remix) (Slowcraft)
4. East Forest, Farm song (Aquilo Records)
5. Forgotten Wolf, Waiting for sunset (Bandcamp)
6. Kenneth James Gibson, A conversation between friends (Kompakt Pop Ambient)

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