Klassik Lounge Playlist13

Klassik Lounge 20-09-2017


1. Slow Heart Music, Run river run (Whitelabrecs)
2. Nightmares On Wax, Back to nature (Warp)
3. Aweki, This moment (Deja-Tunes)
4. Catching Flies, Daymarks (Bandcamp)
5. Ryan Farish, Lift You (Rytone)
6. Cash & Ferven, About you (AMG Records)
7. Hiatus, For the sake of your sons (Bandcamp)


1. Geotic, Perish song (Ghostly International)
2. Tunnelvisions, Guava (Atomnation)
3. Phaeleh, Galaxies (Undertow)
4. Fourth Dimension, Equilibria (Synphaera)
5. Sven Weisemann, Monistic (Echocord)


1. Francisco Sotomayor, Tanger express (Absolut Ambient)
2. Side Liner & Kick Bong, Back home (CosmicLeaf)
3. Riccicomoto, Oohps (Lucidflow)
4. The Soul Session, Live your life (feat. Anaj) (Agogo)
5. Troels Hammer, View of wisdom (Music For Dreams)


1. Tim Hecker, Dropped pianos Sketch 4 (Kranky)
2. Howard Givens & Craig Padilla, Clearing the mind (Spotted Peccary)
3. Nosaj Thing, How we do (feat. Kazu Makino) (Innovative Leisure)
4. Brainwaltzera, Poly_ana summers (schoolyard surph beat) (Film)
5. Arovane & Hior Chronik, Dornenreich (ASIP)
6. (ghost), Wastelands (n5MD)
7. Roedelius & Kasar, Lullaby (Deutsche Grammophon)

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