Klassik Lounge Playlist11

Klassik Lounge 04-09-2017


1. Angus MacRae, Mirror lake (1631 Recordings)
2. Kaya Project, Edge of the desert (Tribal Shift)
3. DJ Drez, Light me up (feat. Marti Nikko) (Nectar Drop Music)
4. Tall Black Guy, Is there more to life? (First Word)
5. Eleonora Cutaia, Biorhythm (Stilnovo)
6. Sasha, Time after time (LateNightTales)
7. James Murray, Ghostwalking (Ultimae)


1. Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Jupiter sunrise (Diynamic)
2. Catching Flies, Mama’s wisdom (Bandcamp)
3. Anchorsong, Eve (Tru Thoughts)
4. East Forest, Near (1631 Records)
5. Matthew And The Atlas, Modern world (Communion)
6. Roger Goula, Soon will wake up (Cognitive Shift)
7. Michiel Meire, Light tree (Michiel Meire Music)


1. Lars Leonhard & Beatride, With you (Bandcamp)
2. Tor, Loop theory (Loci Records)
3. NU, Palomita (Ouïe)
4. Mark Barrott, Der Stern, der nie vergeht (International Feel)
5. Emancipator, Maps (Kodak To Graph Remix) (Loci)
6. Yaima. Our game (Yaima Music)


1. Mosch, Adjusting to new circumstances (DuzzDownSan)
2. San Ignacio, Casuarinas (Fértil Discos)
3. Fredrik Öhr, Shine (Mareld)
4. Van, Photographer (Easy Summer)
5. Weingarten & Charlton, Arabow (Spotted Peccary)
6. Peter Broderick, Goodnight (Erased Tapes)
7. Jens-Uwe Beyer, Final 10 (Kompakt)

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