Klassik Lounge Playlist13

Klassik Lounge 23-08-2017


1. Hiatus, Garden (Bandcamp)
2. Portico Quartet, Objects to place in a tomb (Gondwana Records)
3. Alexander S.Karlov & E-Motive, Cave of gold (KFR Records)
4. Nordsø & Theill, Good morning (Music For Dreams)
5. The Soul Session, Kalimba + Steely Dan (Agogo)
6. Lomea, Armature (Here & Now Recordings)
7. Eskadet, Un songe (Lemongrassmusic)


1. Aweki, Humans (Deja-Tunes)
2. Mocky, Problematic (Heavy Sheet)
3. Prem Joshua, Under the mangrove tree (White Swan)
4. Tigerforest, Take me home (Lemongrass Blue Ocean Remix) (LGM)
5. Oceanvs Orientalis, Tarlabasi (Bar-25)
6. Ben Lukas Boysen & Sebastian Plano, Opening (Erased Tapes)


1. Kiasmos, Blurred (Erased Tapes)
2. Gidge, For Seoul Pt.1 (Atomnation)
3. Frameworks, All day (Loci Records)
4. Krystian Shek, Sometimes not (Carpe Sonum)
5. Roedelius & Kasar, Finne (Deutsche Grammophon)
6. Mackrory & Collier, Aranjuez (Music For Dreams)
7. Poppy Ackroyd, Strata (One Little Indian)


1. TonyModi, Joys of beginning (CosmicLeaf)
2. Feathered Sun, Haunted house (Denature Records)
3. Lars Leonhard, Disconnect (Bandcamp)
4. Gaussian Curve, Suspended motion (Music From Memory)
5. Raoul Vignal, Shadows (Talitres)
6. Polaroid Notes, Flowers and Butterflies (Audio Gourmet)

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