Klassik Lounge Playlist11

Klassik Lounge 26-06-2017


1. Floex, The celebration (Bandcamp)
2. Boogie Belgique, Taboo (Cold Busted)
3. Dee C’rell, Catch (feat. Tim Gelo) (Holm Records)
4. Placid Larry, Mend (Diventa)
5. Eugene Naumenko, A line in the sand (Linkin Park Cover) (GV Sound)
6. Blank & Jones, In excelsis (Soundcolours)
7. Martin Nonstatic, Distance B (Distanced Live Edit) (Ultimae)


1. Sophie Hutchings, Memory I (Preservation)
2. Al-pha-X, Dreaming (Al-pha-X)
3. Lars Leonhard, Soothing (Bandcamp)
4. M-Voice, Dancing in the sun (Sofa Sessions)
5. MC Yogi X East Forest, Flying with you (MC Yogi)
6. Dream Lovers, Brasil (Balearic)


1. DJ Drez, Spirits (Nectar Drop Music)
2. Nafis, Beautiful mind (Abstrait)
3. Synkro, Knowledge (Apollo)
4. The Album Leaf, False dawn (Relapse)
5. Nouvelle Vague, Ever fallen in love (Unlocked destination) (Kwaidan)
6. Alex Cortiz, Nightmare samba (Vibin’ Grooves)


1. Message to bears, Breathe (Record Union)
2. Normandie, Green planet (Sine Music)
3. Marconi Union, Riser (Just Music)
4. Ametsub, Blue loop (Serein)
5. Martin Herzberg, Letzter Gedanke (Cloudbreak Records)
6. Tigerforest, My face in the rain (Lemongrassmusic)

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