Klassik Lounge Playlist11

Klassik Lounge 29-05-2017


1. Eugene Naumenko, The lonely dust (feat. Vadim Tsvetkov) (GV Sound)
2. Normandie, Space village (Sine Music)
3. Nicola Cruz, Colibria (History of Colour Rmx) (ZZK Rec)
4. Floex, Mandragora (Bandcamp)
5. Tigerforest, Vermilion (Lemongrassmusic)
6. A Vision Of Panorama, Seaside tune (Balearic)
7. Chris Coco, My desire (Synkro Remix) (Melodica)


1. Dee C’rell, Detroit Sunset (Holm Records)
2. Boogie Belgique, Go slow (Cold Busted)
3. Placid Larry, Finding the artist (Diventa)
4. Blank & Jones, Universus (Soundcolours)
5. The Album Leaf, False dawn (Lorna Dune Remix) (Relapse)
6. DJ Drez, Start feat. Marti Nikko (Nectar Drop Music)
7. Acid Arab, Stil feat. Cem Yildiz (Crammed Discs)


1. Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie, Lithium, The New Era (Erased Tapes)
2. Aparde, Dialogue (Parra for Cuva Remix) (Keller)
3. Banco De Gaia, Burn the witch (Disco Gecko)
4. Paulsen & Stryczek, Sahara (Lemongrassmusic)
5. Coyote, Be balearic (Is it balearic?)
6. Nym, The face in the woods (Loci Records)
7. Otto A.Totland, Selon (Serein)


1. Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit, The librarian feat. D.Sylvian (Nonplace)
2. Nils Petter Molvær, Moute cave (Okeh)
3. Martin Nonstatic, Granite (Live at Planetarium) (Ultimae)
4. Near The Parenthesis, Helical (Message to Bears Rmx) (n5MD)
5. Peter Broderick, Sometimes (Erased Tapes)
6. Sven Laux, Hidden poem (Reprise) (Dewtone Recordings)

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