Klassik Lounge Playlist12

Klassik Lounge 19-04-2017


1. David Douglas, It all started (Atomnation)
2. Birdy, Shelter (Owsey Remix) (Bandcamp)
3. Max Cooper, Trust (Christian Löffler Revision) (Mesh)
4. Pulshar, Keep my boat clean (Desolat)
5. Mudd & Pollard, Mawson’s walk (Claremont 56)
6. Animat, Translucent transparent (Disco Gecko)


1. Geotic, Up a narrow trail in the woods (Bandcamp)
2. Der Waldläufer, Sensimea (Ambiosoul)
3. Psychemagik, A new beginning (Bandcamp)
4. Jon Kennedy, Shine so (Jon Kennedy Federation)
5. Miwon, Jigsawtooth (n5MD)
6. Evadez, Collide (Sine Music)


1. East Forest, Thread (Aquilo Records)
2. Yasmine Hamdan, K2 (Crammed Discs)
3. Solaris, Inward (Synphaera)
4. Halfscissors, Good news (Neighbour Jam)
5. Synkro, Why don’t you (Apollo)
6. Christian Löffler, Haul (feat. Mohna) (Ki Records)
7. Geotic, Billionth remnant (Ghostly International)
8. Lemongrass, Vision board (Lemongrassmusic)


1. Mary Lattimore, The warm shoulder (Ghostly International)
2. Bonobo, Figures (Ninja Tunes)
3. Module One, Passing bleeps (Fauxpas Music)
4. Another Fine Day, Walk tall (Throwback Dub) (Interchill)
5. Nils Wuelker, Change feat. Marteria (Warner Music)
6. D. Batistatos, No moral objections (CosmicLeaf)
7. Message To Bears, Breathe (Record Union)
8. Levi Patel, For other days (Marigold)

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