Klassik Lounge Playlist13

Klassik Lounge 12-04-2017


1. Animat, Late night dawn (Disco Gecko)
2. Lemongrass, Let’s turn on (Lemongrassmusic)
3. Hellmut Hattler, Hellium (feat. Deep Dive Corp.) (36music)
4. Bison, The traveler (Claremont 56)
5. Tigran Hamasyan, New baroque 1 (Nonesuch)
6. Module One, Pandora (Fauxpas Musik)


1. Levi Patel, And she translated into the sky (Marigold)
2. The Swan And The Lake, Blueberrys (Music For Dreams)
3. Daedelius, Morning melody (Friends Of Friends)
4. Catching Flies, Stay forever (Indigo Soul)
5. Mudd & Pollard, N7 Odyssey (Claremont 56)
6. Nighthawks, Rickenbacker Causeway (Herzog Records)
7. Lydmor & Bon Homme, Things we do for love (Acoustic Live) (hfn)


1. Piers Faccini, Beloved (Beating Drum)
2. East Forest, Held (Loma Dune Rmx) (Aquilo Records)
3. Sasha, Shelter (Christian Löffler Rmx) (LateNightTales)
4. Paulsen & Stryczek, Dead cat bounce (Lemongrassmusic)
5. Josete Ordoñez, Cielo protector (Stardelay Remix) (Ozella)
6. Prefuse 73, Quiet one (feat. Rob Crow) (Temporary Residence)
7. Jacob Gurevitsch, If Da Vinci was a girl (Music For Dreams)


1. Plaid, Lambswood (Warp)
2. Golden Tone Radio & Shed, On the shore (Diventa)
3. Melorman, Distance (Hawk Moon)
4. Lav & Purl, All is breath (A Strangely Isolated Place)
5. Delia Derbyshire AS, The scent of rain (Six Degrees)
6. Vermont, Langholmen (Kompakt)

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