Klassik Lounge Playlist12

Klassik Lounge 11-04-2017


1. East Forest, Interlude 2 (Bandcamp)
2. Tom Middleton, Sea of Glass (Jon Hopkins Remix) (Big Chill)
3. Guti, La salida (Rompecorazones)
4. 9 in common, Foggy (Meerkat Music)
5. Röyksopp & Robyn, Inside The Idle Hour Club (Dog Triumph)
6. Alucidnation, A place in the sunshine (Interchill)


1. Sona Jobarteh, Saya (Putumayo)
2. Mashti & Jean Von Baden, Have a nice trip (Amor Records)
3. Stray Theories, Remembrance (Already Dead Tapes and Records)
4. Of Norway, Two black cats (feat. Mari N. Pettersen) (Connaisseur)
5. Deru, Three cheers for existence (Friends of friends)
6. Nest, Marefjellet (Serein)
7. James Murray, Swift retuns (Slowcraft Records)
8. Nima Fakhrara, Penly Ln. (Varese Sarabande)


1. Whitetree, The room (Panderosa Music & Arts)
2. Rophonic, Welcome back to the afterlife (Rophonic)
3. Dee C’rell, Adjustment (Holm Records)
4. Eccodek, In my tribe (Big Mind Music)
5. Fingers in the noise, Sounds from the moon (BineMusic)
6. Vataff Project, Sedenkia (Virtual Records)


1. Fabrizio Paterlini, Midsummer tiny song (Fabrizio Paterlini Records)
2. Erik Wøllo, Ocean (Projekt)
3. Message to bears, Rather stay (Bandcamp)
4. Minilogue, Evaporerar ut fran sitt gömställe (Cocoon)
5. Kaya Project, Slide (Ambient Mix) (Tribal Shift Records)
6. Helge Lien Trio, Badger’s lullaby (Ozella)

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