Klassik Lounge Playlist13

Klassik Lounge 22-03-2017


1. David Baron feat. Simi Stone, The steps (Here & Now Recordings)
2. Marc Romboy, Atome de danse (Hyperharmonic)
3. Selffish, I came to leave (Serein)
4. Synkro, Everybody knows (Apollo)
5. Lemongrass, Mystery sky (Lemongrassmusic)
6. Almunia, Dos estrellas (Claremont 56)


1. East Forest, Provenance (Keith Sweaty Rmx) (Aquilo Records)
2. Depeche Mode, Cover me (Alt Out) (Mute)
3. Prefuse 73, A sword in the rain (Friends Of Friends)
4. The Swan & The Lake, Weather (feat. Sebastian Lilja) (Music For Dreams)
5. Mirage Of Deep, Sun Sahdu (feat. Julia Vañó) (Lemongrassmusic)
6. Living Room, Our planet (GMM)


1. Ocoeur, Time over (Ocoeur Rework) (n5MD)
2. Noosphere, Day 1 – Winter (Numbolic)
3. Der Waldläufer, Kejelasan (Ambiosoul)
4. Zee Erf, Southern freeez (Mudd’s Mix for Emma) (Claremont 56)
5. Clive Tanaka, Empty sidecar (Friends Of Friends)
6. Catching Flies, Komorebi (Bandcamp)
7. Daniel Brandt, Turn over (Erased Tapes)
8. Finglebone, Cobwebs, scratches, plumes of dust (Whitelabrecs)


1. Fionn Regan, The meeting of the waters (Abbey Records)
2. Kick Bong, Move on up (CosmicLeaf)
3. Lusine, Witness (feat. Benoit Pioulard) (Ghostly)
4. Thomas Lemmer, A IV (Sine Music)
5. Hammock, In the shape of longing (Unseen)
6. Corrado Saija, Last days (Lemongrassmusic)

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