Klassik Lounge Playlist11

Klassik Lounge 21-02-2017


1. Dustin O’Halloran, An Ending A Beginning (Late Night Tales)
2. Lorenzo Montana/Pete Namlook, Secret path (Carpe Sonum Records)
3. Kalya Scintilla, Break belief (Desert Dwellers Rmx.) (Black Swan Sounds)
4. Shubha Mudgal I Ursula Rucker I Business Class Refugees, Something is still missing (EarthSync)
5. Q Funktion, Many miles away (Cold Busted)
6. Riccicomoto, Mama (feat. Anita) (Deja-Tunes)


1. Geisha, The eternal light (Psychonavigation)
2. Padmasana, Evolution (Dakini Records)
3. Steve Roach, Consumed by sunlight (Projekt)
4. Tom Green, On a hill (Another fine label)


1. Blank & Jones, Gravity (Soundcolours)
2. Hidden Orchestra, Vainamoinen (Tru Thoughts)
3. Nils Frahm, Hammers (Erased Tapes Records)
4. The Crystal Session, Opalescent (Seahorse Recordings)
5. Paulsen & Stryczek, Drift away (LGM)
6. DJ Drez, Vaseduva’s dance (feat. Marti Nikko) (Black Swan Sounds)
7. Sam Bird, Summer (Dakini)


1. Mountain Range, It’s Lonely Around People, Too (Bandcamp)
2. Fingers in the noise, Une derniere goutte (Fitn Personal Records)
3. Perry Frank, ParcGuell (Clubland)
4. Alucidnation, Tresaith (Interchill)
5. Karl Seglem, Din folketone (Ozella)
6. Dollboy, South Kentish town (Second Language Music)

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