Klassik Lounge Playlist12

Klassik Lounge 15-02-2017


1. Allred & Broderick, The ways (Erased Tapes)
2. Chamberlain, A-Sit (m/2L)
3. Scann-Tec, Parsec (Live Edit) (Ultimae)
4. Capa, Two worlds (Lemongrassmusic)
5. Johan Agebjörn & Mickael Ögren, Four hours to Karhumäki (Spotted Peccary)
6. Thoma, Flow (Loci Records)
7. Penguin Cafe, Cantorum (Erased Tapes)


1. Tosca, Wo-tan (!k7)
2. Gridge, Hope (Atomnation)
3. Lav & Purl, Beyond suffering (A Strangely Isolated Place)
4. Yone B, Early bird (Dewtone)
5. Bonobo, Bambro Koyo Ganda (Ninja Tune)
6. Parra For Cuva, On a life (feat. Bijou) (Project Mooncircle)


1. The Album Leaf, AW 11316 (Unseen)
2. Vermont, Ki-Bou (Kompakt)
3. Side Liner, Children (CosmicLeaf)
4. Koan Sound, View from above (Open Outlets)
5. Ryuichi Sakamoto, Merry christmas Mr. Lawrence (F. Tristano Rework) (Decca)
6. East Forest, Doorway (1631 Recordings)


1. Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society, St. Tropez 1966 (Six Degrees)
2. Manu Delago, Pointillism (Tru Thoughts)
3. Garagee, Lava (Tempest)
4. Sohn, Rennen (4AD)
5. Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk, Intervention: Sol (Azure Vista)
6. Eleven33, Rise (Hawk Moon Records)
7. James Murray, Grace (Home Normal)

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