Klassik Lounge Playlist Neutral2

Klassik Lounge 31-01-2017


1. Jazzdefector, Before I leave (Whitelabrecs)
2. Tycho, Source (Ghostly International)
3. Parra For Cuva & Senoy, Yuyun (Project Mooncircle)
4. Automat, Ost (Bureau B)
5. Owsey, Even though I can no longer reach you (Bandcamp)
6. Stimulus Timbre & Fourth Dimension, Ode to terra (CosmicLeaf)
7. After Dinner, Paradise of replica (LateNightTales)


1. Magnetic, Remembrance (CosmicLeaf)
2. Martin Nonstatic, Tabula rasa – Fading Nebulae Live Edit (Ultimae)
3. Lorenzo Montanà + Mick Chillage, Portioner (Carpe Sonum)
4. Michiel Meire, Hypnos (Michiel Meire Music)
5. Ali Khan, Do trees have dreams (Reprise) (Dewtone)


1. Piers Faccini, To be sky (Beating Drum)
2. Massivan, L’eau lente de quim (Pmusica)
3. Weval, Years to build (Kompakt)
4. Steve Hauschildt, A false seeming (Kranky)
5. iZem, Quiver (feat Aminah Dastan – Rmx) (Soundway)
6. Isan, Parley glove (Morr Music)
7. Placid Larry, Wildflower meadow (Diventa)


1. Stevin McNamara, Savasana sunrise (Rag Charukeshi) (White Swan)
2. Andrew Heath, The darkening (Disco Gecko)
3. Lars Leonhard, Delicious (Bandcamp)
4. Phaeleh, Secrets (Undertow)
5. Roger Goula, Looking back to self awareness (Cognitive Shift)
6. Peter Broderick, Under the bridge (Erased Tapes)
7. Banco De Gaia, My midnight sun (Disco Gecko)

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