Klassik Lounge Playlist12

Klassik Lounge 18-01-2017


1. Bonobo, Second sun (Ninja Tune)
2. London Grammar, Rooting for you (Minitry Of Sound)
3. Manu Delago, Freeze (Tru Thoughts)
4. Koan Sound, View from above (Open Outlets)
5. Eric Lau, Lau’s lament (First Word)
6. Buttering Trio, The runner (Raw Tapes)
7. Tempelhof & Gigi Masin, Vampeta (Drift Projects Remix) (Hell Yeah)


1. Umber, A song for two seasons (White Ship Remix) (Bandcamp)
2. A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Gare Du Nord Part One (Erased Tapes)
3. Sophie Barker, Start me (Disco Gecko)
4. Tor, Aeris (Loci Records)
5. Femme, Gold (Crewdson’s Golden Shower Dub) (Ferryhouse)
6. Stuce The Sketch, Love chant (Lemongrassmusic)
7. Yaima, It’s written in the wind (Yaima Music)


1. Mark Barrott, Forgotten island (International Feel)
2. DeepCosmo, Forest (Nicksher Music)
3. Jacob Gurevitsch, Tiden der forstar (Music For Dreams)
4. Simon Peter, Arc of lark (Claremont 56)
5. Entheogenic, Planetary medicine (Universal Symbiosis Records)
6. Matthew Stewart, Falling stone (Spotted Peccary)


1. Lusine, Forks (Ghostly International)
2. Parra For Cuva & Senoy, The walk (Project Mooncircle)
3. Rebekka Karijord, Waimanalo (Control Freak Kittin Records)
4. Christian Löffler, Nil (Ki Records)
5. Recondite, Capable (Ricardo Donoso Clemency Vrs) (Ghostly)
6. Dirk Maassen, Un voyage (The sitting room piano) (1631 Recordings)

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