Klassik Lounge Playlist012

Klassik Lounge 16-01-2017


1. Goldmund, The wind wings (Western Vinyl)
2. Another Fine Day, I can hear your heart (Interchill)
3. Robot Koch, Care (feat. Julien Marchal) (Monkeytown)
4. Stumbleine, Pixelate (Bandcamp)
5. Digitonal, It doesn’t matter (Just Music)
6. Orbient, Impulse (Echopearls)
7. Poldoore, A beautiful eve (Cold Busted)
8. Blank & Jones, April (Milchbar Mix) (Soundcolours)


1. Underworld, Motorhome (Caroline International)
2. Stimulus Timbre, Positive creations (CosmicLeaf)
3. Fabrizio Paterlini, Darkness is not the oposite of light (Live in Bratislava) (FPR)
4. Carbon based lifeforms, Euphotic (Live Version) (Leftfield)
5. Vrinda Satellite, Rhythm of space (feat. Qüirio) (Vrinda Satellite)


1. Van, Old pier (Easy Summer)
2. Dan San, The call (JauneOrange)
3. Kaya Project, Dark roads (Interchill)
4. Gelka, Have you kept your ticket? (Bandcamp)
5. Stratus, Reve de nuages (Loci Records)
6. Knut Bjørnar Asphol, Tabloid red (India Records)


1. VNV nation feat. Filmorchester Babelsberg, Nova (Anachron Records)
2. Alucidnation, Fat summer (Lucid Recordings)
3. Public Service Broadcasting, Tomorrow (Test Card Recordings)
4. Erik Truffaz Quartet, Djiki’n (feat. Rokia Traoré) (Parlophone)
5. Gary Stroutsos, Afternoon wave (White Swan)
6. Lars Leonhard, Blue hour (Bandcamp)
7. Alex Lucas + Olan Mill, Marinera (Hawk Moon)

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