Klassik Lounge Playlist014

Klassik Lounge 23-11-2016


1. Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie, The few of us left (Erased Tapes)
2. Vermont, Norderney (Kompakt)
3. Joo Kraus, Am Fenster (Künstlerhafen)
4. Bon Iver, Re: stacks (Owsey & Resotone Rework) (Bandcamp)
5. Sine, Between seasons (Sine Music)
6. Massivan, Tsart (Pmusica)
7. Dominik Pointvogl, Go Brooklyn (Cyron Music)


1. Hidden Orchestra, Wingbeats: Source III (Tru Thoughts)
2. James Murray, The black and the grey (Ultimae)
3. Yaima, May you open (Yaima)
4. Sambox, Via dinarica (Concorde Avenue)
5. Salty, ADSL (The Content Label)
6. Ebb, Time (53 Keys Remix) (hfn)
7. Emancipator, Father King (Catching Flies Remix) (Loci)


1. Jens Buchert, Vaporizer (Dimension Music)
2. Felix Laband, Righteous red berets (Luke Vibert Remix) (Compost)
3. Project Blue Sun, Ad astra per aspera (M-Sol)
4. Jacob Gurevitsch, Kalas (Music For Dreams)
5. Miten, River man (Prabhu Music)
6. East Forest, Trace (Aquilo Records)
7. Christian Löffler, The great wide open (Ki Records)


1. Parra For Cuva & Senoy, Darwis (Project Mooncircle)
2. Subheim, Trails (Denovali)
3. Matthew Stewart, Who stays, who goes (Spotted Peccary)
4. Stimulus Timbre & Fourth Dimension, Dancing fields (CosmicLeaf)

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