Klassik Lounge Playlist Neutral2

Klassik Lounge 05-10-2016


1. Good weather for an airstrike, A song for libby (Hawk Moon Records)
2. Eguana, Outer space (CosmicLeaf)
3. Deep Dive Corp., Bassic (Vocal Mix) (Jubilee)
4. Metasonica, Reminiscence (Theory of sound)
5. Schodt, April (‘Morning Mix) (Silk Royal Records)
6. Helios, Dragonfly across an ancient sky (Type)


1. Kovacs, BBS (ManaMana Records/Diventa)
2. A Forest Mighty Black, It’s all inside (Drumpoet Community)
3. Manhooker, Higher state (of evelation) (Connaisseur)
4. Musicoleptik, Indignant (Mareld)
5. Jens Buchert, Synthetic juice (JeBu Records)
6. DJ Drez, Floating sweetness (Putumayo World Music)
7. Brian Eno and the words of Rick Holland, West bay (Warp)


1. Horst Weber, On the black hill (Timezone Records)
2. Fade, Starlight (Coffee Bay Recordings)
3. Vermont, Übersprung (Kompakt)
4. Ensemble Du Verre, Cracks (Compost)
5. Akal Dub, Love dub (Bandcamp)
6. Christian Prommer, Marimba (Compost)


1. Four Tet, Gillie amma, I love you (Transgressive North)
2. Echaskech, Telomere (Just Music)
3. Erik Wøllo, Color of mind (Projekt)
4. Khruangbin, A calf born in winter (Late Night Tales)
5. Animat, Elegans alba (Mareld)
6. Within reason, Bardo Dub (Carpe Sonum “Die Welt ist Klang”)

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