Klassik Lounge Playlist Neutral2

Klassik Lounge 18-09-2016


1. Trentemøller, Complicated (Trentemøller’s Out Of My Head Rmx) (In my room)
2. Synkro, Memories of love (Apollo)
3. James Murray, Ghostwalk (Martin Nonstatic Rmx) (Ultimae)
4. Kiasmos, Swept (Erased Tapes)
5. Nordstorm feat. Alicia, Playing With Fire (Acoustic Edit) (Easy Summer)
6. deeB, Rooftops (Martian Bass Records)
7. TonyModi, Mechanical love (CosmicLeaf)


1. Kuba, Voice of spring (Kuba Records)
2. Fresh Moods, In your light (Zentralmodul)
3. Boogie Belgique, Every time (Cold Busted)
4. Mocky, Upbeat thing (Heavy Sheet)
5. Normandie, Beach (Sine Music)
6. M-Voice, Wellengang (Sofa Sessions)


1. Banco De Gaia, This heart (Disco Gecko)
2. Ben Lucas Boysen, Nocturne 3 (Erased Tapes)
3. Lars Leonhard, Therefore (Bandcamp)
4. Christian Lamper, Guitars bazar (Easy Summer)
5. Nym, Tall talk (Loci Records)
6. Faze Action feat. Zeke Manyika, Chiiko (Balearic)
7. João Jarosch, Universe_01 (Take Note)
8. Joep Beving, Sleeping lotus (I Are Giant)


1. Smith & Mudd, Errogie (Claremont56)
2. Tom & Laura Misch, Follow (Beyond The Groove)
3. Ambala, Bambari (Music For Dreams)
4. Paulsen & Stryczek, The greene (Lemongrassmusic)
5. Floex, On the roof of the yellow psychedelic mushroom (Bandcamp)
6. Yui Onodera & Chihei Hatakeyama, Solaris (Serein)
7. Peter Broderick, Carried (Erased Tapes)
8. Helios, Land father (Unseen)

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