Klassik Lounge Playlist Neutral2

Klassik Lounge 24-08-2016


1. Cooops, Slow lane (Karmaloft)
2. Paulsen & Stryczek, Dead cat bounce (Lemongrassmusic)
3. Floex, Prenatal Hunters (Floex Revision) (Abstrait)
4. The Album Leaf, Back to the start (Relapse)
5. MC Yogi X East Forest, Windows (MC Yogi)
6. Thomas Lemmer, The infinite (Data Rebel Remix) (Sine)


1. Sophie Hutchings, Living light (Preservation)
2. Brambles, Petrichor (Serein)
3. Teho, Union (Parquet Recordings)
4. Hattler, Warhol holidays (36music)
5. Ambala, Alla vita (Music For Dreams)
6. Alex Cortiz, Riverside memories (Vibin’ Grooves)


1. Ben McElroy, The brightness surrounds (Whitelabrecs)
2. Albosel, Silver newt (Hawk Moon)
3. TonyModi, Llorando (CosmicLeaf)
4. Nym, Come back (Loci Records)
5. Blank & Jones, Genesis (Soundcolours)
6. Marconi Union, Remnants / Shadow scheme (Just Music)
7. Smith & Mudd, Gorthleck Part 2 (Claremont 56)


1. Deep Dive Corp. feat. Michele Adamson, Kiss & swallow (Bandcamp)
2. Message To Bears, Never be (Bandcamp)
3. Peter Broderick, Conspiraling (Erased Tapes)
4. Mammal Hands, Eyes that saw the mountain (Gondwana)
5. Greg Walker, And still the snow must fall (GR8 AL)
6. Andrew Heath, Typestract cipher (Disco Gecko)
7. Marco Madia, Landfall (Reprise) (Dewtone Recordings)

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