Klassik Lounge Playlist Neutral2

Klassik Lounge 20-07-2016


1. Smith & Mudd, Alrick (Claremont 56)
2. Tor, Loop theory (Loci Records)
3. Synkro, Midnight sun (Helios Remix) (Apollo)
4. Stratus, Tisno (Balearic)
5. Van, Love (Diventa)
6. DJ Drez, Alpine swift feat. Marti Nikko (Nectar Drop Music)
7. Master Margherita, Kusur Dub (Khalil Mix) (MikelaBella)


1. Antonymes, Delicate power (Hidden Shoal)
2. Lusine, Arterial (Ghostly International)
3. Anois, A noise (LateNightTales)
4. Roberto Bronco, Breath (Lemongrassmusic)
5. The Kenneth Bager Exp., Sunshine stereo (Ptaki Mix 1) (MFD)
6. Sound Me, Letter (WeGrowWax)
7. My Neighbour Is, The gas lamp (Cold Busted)


1. Sacha Puttnam, Abraham’s theme (Balearic)
2. The Swan And The Lake, Dive (feat. Anders Brandt) (MFD)
3. Capa, Bit by god (Eskadet Remix) (Lemongrassmusic)
4. Stranded Horse, Dakar (Talitres)
5. Mammal Hands, Hourglass (Gondwana)
6. Tempelhof & Gigi Masin, Labyrinth (Hell Yeah)


1. Helios, Facing west (Unseen)
2. Scann-Tec, Klinostat (Ultimae Records)
3. Nonkeen, Happy Juno (R&S Records)
4. Ingrid Chavez, You gave me wings (Ten Windows Rec)
5. Ornah-Mental, Imaginary Dub (Heliopolis outtake) (AmygdaLand)
6. Sasha, Detour (LateNightTales)
7. Ben Lukas Boysen, Keep watch (Erased Tapes)

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