Klassik Lounge Playlist Neutral2

Klassik Lounge 13-07-2016


1. Gerd Baumann, Rara vez (Sony / OST “Our last Tango”)
2. Dee C’rell, Music to download (Holm Records)
3. DJ Drez, Into space feat. Marti Nikko (Nectar Drop Music)
4. Alex Cortiz, Sexy popo (Diventa)
5. Tor, Myth (Loci Records)
6. Paulsen & Stryczek, Rainy day (Lemongrassmusic)
7. Phil France, Kubrick (26-2 / Nightflight Vol.8)
8. Bare Beats, Love (Millenium Jazz Music)


1. Yoav, Malice in the garden (Mashti & Jean von Baden Remix) (Amor)
2. Deep Forest, Blue story (Deep Forest)
3. Mirage Of Deep, Romantic fields (Lemongrassmusic)
4. Ibiza Air, The secret in me (Planet Inspiration)
5. Cantoma, Echo (Highwood Recordings)
6. Mop Mop, Plato (Agogo)


1. Spheruleus, Dead of the night (Audio Gormet)
2. Nacho Sotomayor, Improvisation no.1 (Absolut Ambient)
3. Zwanie Jonson, Golden song (DJ Koze Remix) (Pampa)
4. My Neighbour Is, Quiet lake (Cold Busted)
5. DJ Phixion, Worldwide (Thai Dust Black)
6. Mogwai, U-235 (Rock Action)
7. Lubomyr Melnyk, Solitude No.1 (Live) (Sony Classical)


1. James Blake, Our love comes back (LateNightTales)
2. Capa, Hurt by space (Electro Spectre Edition) (LGM)
3. DJ Shadow, The mountain will fall (Mass Appeal)
4. Pitch Black, Dub smoke (Dubmission)
5. Lo Tide, Words (Imminent)
6. Parks, Black day, silver sea (A Strangely Isolated Place)

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