Klassik Lounge Playlist014

Klassik Lounge 27-06-2016


1. Mocky, When Paulie gets mad (Heavy Sheet/Morr)
2. Nôze, Come with me, feat. Jaw (Circus Company)
3. Blank & Jones with Deep Forest, Sweet Lulluby (Relax Mix) (Soundcolours)
4. Kalabi, Woodsmoke (Mareld)
5. Porya Hatami, White forest (Purl Remix) (Dewtone)
6. DJ Drez, I am love (feat. Marti Nikko) (Bandcamp)


1. The Disclosure Project, Swan song (DPR)
2. Adele, Set fire to the rain (Mashti & Jean von Baden Remix) (Bootleg)
3. Jose Padilla, Africosa (International Feel)
4. Pulshar, Prepare (Desolat)
5. Jasmon, Aqua (Lemongrassmusic)
6. Jaidene Veda ft. S.E.Williams, In love again (interlude) (Jaiveda Prod)
7. Riccicomoto, Flyin high (Dub Session) (Deja-Tunes)


1. Tempelhof & Gigi Masin, Jolla (Hell Yeah Recordings)
2. Alucidnation, Potential (Lucid Recordings)
3. Roberto Bronco, Memories (feat. Wenawedwa) (LGM)
4. Eccodek, Singing in tongues (Dub Colossus Remix) (Black Swan)
5. Bordland, Finale (Dimentique)
6. The unused word, Silent summer (Duzz Down San)
7. Dee C’rell, Farewell northern bird Part 1 (Holm Records)


1. Capa, Epiphany (Lemongrassmusic)
2. Polaroid Notes, The long bright dark (Audio Gourmet)
3. Seven24, R.I.B., MAA, Frozen (Moonnight Rmx) (Easy Summer)
4. Shlohmo, Rained the whole time (Nicholas Jaar Rmx) (FoF)
5. Darkness falls, Night games (Instrumental) (hfn)
6. Essay & Stumbleine, Rhiannon (Bandcamp)
7. Frameworks, Dawn ft. Rioghnach Connolly (First Word)

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