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KL Nightflight 10-06-2016

Klassik Lounge Nightflight by DJ Nartak

Finest Downtempo & Ambient Music, for starseekers and late nite birds, compiled & mixed by DJ Nartak. More infos, frequencies & streaming: Klassik Radio →


1. Alucidnation, Plastic people (Lucid Recordings)
2. The Disclosure Project, Barnards merope (Disclosure Project)
3. Pawas & Schaffhäuser, Hunt (Extended Instrumental) (Compost)
4. Dee C’rell, Farewell Northern Bird Part 6 (Holm Records)
5. Odesza, Kusanagi (Counter Records)
6. Capa, To be thoughtful (LGM)
7. Albers, The princess and the thief (Easy Summer)


1. Emily Barker, Nostalgia (India Records)
2. Another Fine Day, And dream of seals (Interchill)
3. Erik Wøllo, Timemorph (Projekt)
4. Georgy Om, What is not (Easy Summer)
5. Der Waldläufer, Dantian (Ambiosoul)
6. Polaroid Notes, Floating not drowning (Tessellate)

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