Klassik Lounge Playlist Neutral2

Klassik Lounge 16-03-2016


1. Carbon based lifeforms, Endospore – Remastered (Leftfield)
2. Dee C’rell, Days like this (Holm Records)
3. Kiasmos, Drawn (Erased Tapes)
4. Jens Buchert, Fireflies (Dimension Music)
5. Emancipator, Canopy (Loci Records)
6. Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra, Longshan temple (Gondwana)
7. Baumgartner//Kraus, J.O.D. (Phazz-a-delic)


1. Orbient, Cherub (Echopearls)
2. Marc Hartman, The awakening ( Lemongrassmusic)
3. Dreamweavers, Murmurs of the moon (Diventa)
4. Troels Hammer, Trans/for/mation (Music for dreams)
5. Ave, Oyðin (Tutl)
6. Hidden Jazz Quartett, Nardis (Agogo)


1. Zero7, Home (State Azure Mix) (Bandcamp)
2. Kaya Project, Always waiting (Gnomes of Kush & D-Echo Project Rmx) (Tribal Drift)
3. Public Service Broadcasting, Valentina (ft. Smoke Fairies) (Test Card)
4. Krystian Shek, Cheese & rice (Thai Dust Red)
5. Of Norway, Yours is a history of violence (Connaisseur)
6. Lisa Gerrard, Our kingdom came (Gerrard Records)


1. Another fine day, Indian summer (Bandcamp)
2. Germind, Antimatter (CosmicLeaf)
3. Vrinda Satellite, Thank you (Vrinda Satellite)
4. East Forest, Blueprints (Aquilo Records)

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