Klassik Lounge Playlist031

Klassik Lounge 08-03-2016


1. Martin Broszeit, Clockwork (Unreleased Dub Mix)
2. Placid Larry, Blossoming (LGM)
3. Jah Wobble & Marconi Union, Love in the banlieues (30Hertz Records)
4. The unused word, Iscula (Duzz Down San Recordings)
5. Kolby Wade, Mountain taupe (LGM)
6. Seelenfarbe, Sun D (By Awake)
7. Placid Hawk, Roses become wet (Music for collapsing people)


1. Envelope, Make haste (Audiokult Music Group)
2. Carbon based lifeforms, 20 minutes (Ultimae)
3. Jazzah, The way (Mareld)
4. Bob Holroyd, Blue camel haze (Mondotunes)
5. Bernd Kistenmacher, Let it out! (Mellow Jet Records)


1. Manose, Prayer flags (White Swan Records)
2. Hittfeld, Moment of beauty (Billibabe Records)
3. Synapsis, Alluring force (Five Seasons Deep Chill Mix) (LGM)
4. Alexander Daf, I left you there (Electronic Soundscapes)
5. Nacho Sotomayor, Sacred hearts (Absolut Ambient)
6. Collioure, Shalimar (Ideal Musik)


1. Gisle Torvik, Tranquil fjord (Solo guitar) (Ozella)
2. Peter Levitov, Dark water (Bandcamp)
3. Lemongrass, Satellite (Long version) (LGM)
4. Lisa Gerrard, In exile (Storm Creation)
5. Einstein in a patent office, Nadir (Mareld)

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