Klassik Lounge Playlist014

Klassik Lounge 01-02-2016


1. Lawrence, A day in the life (Mule Musiq)
2. Fabrizio Paterlini, Kepler (Fabrizio Paterlini Records)
3. East Forest, Code of ten (Aquilo Records)
4. Flight Facilities feat. Christine Hoberg, Clair de lune (Future Classic)
5. Kiasmos, Held (Erased Tapes Records)
6. Timo Garcia & Manu Delago, That hang drum (T_Mo’s Balearic Mix) (Seamless)
7. Sine, Dreamin (Sine Music)


1. Marcel, The whistler (Mole Listening Pearls)
2. Sixfingers, Work it (Cold Busted)
3. Jon Kennedy, Unique (Jon Kennedy Federation)
4. Pulshar, Sounds fake (Instrumental) (Desolat)
5. Project Blue Sun, The essence of life (Real Groove Records)
6. Recondite, Steady (Innervisions)
7. Karmacosmic, Dance of shiva (Prudence)


1. Antoni Komasa-Lazarkiewicz, Place de la concorde (Varese Sarabande)
2. Bombay Dub Orchestra, Bohemia junction (Six Degrees)
3. GMO & Dense, What we forced (CosmicLeaf)
4. Bonobo, Stay the same (live) (Ninja Tune)
5. Rodg, Night fly (Body Condition)
6. Mark Oakland, Collision (LGM)
7. Oathless, Friction (Hawk Moon Records)


1. Deva Premal & Miten with Manose, Om triambakam mantra (Prabhu Music)
2. Scann-Tec, Rewind (Ultimae)
3. State Azure, Freespace (Bandcamp)
4. Vermont, Cocos (Kompakt)
5. Röyksopp, Something in my heart (Dog Triumph)
6. Alucidnation, Prefer to stay in (Interchill)

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