Klassik Lounge Playlist013

Klassik Lounge 25-01-2016


1. Patrick Cassidy, Memories fade (Varese Sarabande)
2. Erykah Badu, On & on (Mashti & Jean Von Baden Rmx) (Bootleg)
3. Van, Mime actor (LGM)
4. Future Loop Foundation, Sunshine philosophy (Pete Lawrence Chilled by nature Remix) (Just Music)
5. Another Fine Day, Walk tall (Throwback Dub) (Interchill)
6. Project Blue Sun, One night with you (Real Groove Records)


1. Jon Hopkins, Immunity (with King Creosote)(Domino)
2. East Forest, Limitations (Aquilo Records)
3. Orbient, Noir (Echopearls)
4. Gillian Gordon, Go with the flow (Roba Digital)
5. Bonobo, Prelude & Kiara (Live) (Ninja Tune)
6. Flitz & Suppe, So much to see (Audiokult)
7. Groovecatcher and Kathie Talbot, 5am (BasicLux)


1. Mark Oakland, Awaked (LGM)
2. Röyksopp, Goodnite, Mr. Sweetheart (Dog Triumph)
3. Submotion Orchestra, Rust (Counter Records)
4. Sine, Wolke 7 (Sine Music)
5. Dmitry Lee’O, In blue (Easy Summer)
6. Spiral System, Mondays (Interchill)
7. Pulshar, Big mistakes (Desolat)
8. T_Mo, The campari beatboxer (Seamless)


1. Stevin McNamara, Prajna’s dream (Rag mulgunji) (White Swan)
2. Organic Patch, Breath controller (Ideal Musik)
3. Natalie Beridze, Winter boredom (Delsin)
4. Carlos Cipa, And gently drops the rain (Denovali)
5. Germind, Territory of cosmic dreams (CosmicLeaf)

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