Klassik Lounge Playlist Neutral2

Klassik Lounge 23-12-2015


1. Goldmund, Signals No. 1 (Western Vinyl)
2. Will Sasmon, Tumble (Talitres)
3. Stillhead, Don’t think at all (Here & Now)
4. Digitonal, Anaethmatics (Just Music)
5. Himalia, Kingdom feat. Sakima (Pegdoll)
6. Blank & Jones, Interstellar (Marc-George Space Remix) (Soundcolours)
7. Lubomyr Melnyk, Evertina (Erased Tapes)


1. Tuxedomoon & Cult With No Name, Jeffrey nothing (Crammed Discs)
2. Johan Agebjörn, The right to play (Paper Bag)
3. Jasmon, Silent heat (Lemongrassmusic)
4. Yaima, Reflection (Jumpsuit Records)
5. Deep Dive Corp., Ambienta (Deep Dive Corp.)
6. Seven24, R.I.B., MAA, Frozen (Moonnight Rmx) (Easy Summer)
7. Kasar, Young forest (Sonar Kollektiv)


1. Anne Nikitin, Rising sun feat. Adam Franklin (Colosseum)
2. Helios, Every passing hour (Unseen)
3. Kosh Anade, Fractures (AMG Records)
4. Asa & Koan Sound, Kanada (Stumbleine Remix) (Bandcamp)
5. Ludovico Einaudi, Elements variation (Decca)
6. Bersarin Quartet, Die Nächte sind erfüllt von Maskenfesten (Denovali)


1. Lamb, As satellites go by (Butler Records)
2. Klangstein, Run (Sine Music)
3. Another Fine Day, Spanish Blues (Interchill)
4. Hidden Rivers, Red the sun’s cold disk (Serein)
5. Noisedude, Santiago falls (Uboot Records)
6. David Holmes, The Ballad of Sarah and Jack (Mercury)
7. Slow Clinic, It’s not the same without you (Audio Gourmet)

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