Klassik Lounge Playlist014

Klassik Lounge 19-10-2015




1. Joe Satriani, Tears in the rain (Relativity)
2. East Forest, Water sign (Bandcamp)
3. Masquerade, Higher (Deep Dive Corp.´s Different Planet Rmx.) (Ny-O-Dae)
4. Anemine, Oceano mare (LGM)
5. Michael E, All is good (GR8 AL)
6. Sphere, Home at last (Royal Flame)
7. Christian Loeffler, Pale skin (Ki Records)
8. Fabrizio Paterlini, Empty room (Fabrizio Paterlini Records)


1. Springer, Twang nine (Bandcamp)
2. Alex Blaxx, All the difference (Dessous)
3. Moe Turk, What I feel like (Clubstar)
4. Tim Angrave, Dream Escape (Schalldeluxe)
5. Side Liner, Lives left behind (CosmicLeaf)
6. Ludovico Einaudi, Corale Solo (Decca)


1. Van, Autumn evening (Diventa)
2. Tall Black Guy, There’s no more soul feat. Diggs Duke (First Word)
3. 9 in common, Midnight is the hour (Seamless)
4. Ensemble Du Verre, Dare (Compost)
5. Paulsen & Stryzcek, Hey brother (LGM)
6. Sara Tavares, Exala (World Connection)


1. Kaya Project, Desert child (Ambient Mix) (Tribal Shift)
2. Ohm-G, Divided Dream (Jubilee)
3. Germind, Secret signs (CosmicLeaf)
4. Dee C’rell, The fool and the thief (Holm Records)
5. Theodore Shapiro feat. José González, Wallet (Sony)
6. Evadez, To forget your deception (Sine Music)
7. Mashti & Jean Von Baden, Outro – Detox (Amor)

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