Klassik Lounge Playlist013

Klassik Lounge 12-10-2015



1. Theodore Shapiro feat. José González, Walter sees Cheryl (Sony Classical)
2. Ludovico Einaudi, Time lapse (Decca)
3. Guti, Rain (Rompecorazones)
4. Of Norway, Yours is a history of violence (Connaisseur)
5. Jörg Burger, Sparwasser (Kompakt)
6. The Deadbeats, Heaven (Wax on)
7. Stephan Hinz, Mise en place (Boxer Recordings)


1. 9 in common, Au revoir Paris (Seamless)
2. DJ Pippi & Sandro S, Fatal (Instrumental) (Cold Busted)
3. Kalabi, Trouble (Mareld)
4. Tall black Guy, The dark streets (First Word Records)
5. Appo, Fine particles (Klik Records)
6. Mudd & Pollard, Mawson’s walk (Claremont 56)


1. Stray Ghost, You are golden, shaded beauty (Bandcamp)
2. Christian Loffler, Veiled grey (Ki Records)
3. Michael E, Flight (GR8 AL Music)
4. Gushi & Raffunk, Check me out (LGM)
5. State Azure, Emerald veil (Bandcamp)
6. Germind, Time consciousness (CosmicLeaf)
7. Biotones vs. Deepshader, Bankai (Incepto Smooth)


1. Ara Dinkjian, Offering (Novus)
2. East Forest, Second attention (Bandcamp)
3. Federico Albanese, Disclosed – Rework by John Lemke (Denovali Records)
4. Connect.Ohm, 9980 (Ultimae)
5. Project Blue Sun, Waiting for the sun (Drizzly)
6. Aquavit, Vigor (Duende Mix) (Six Degrees Records)

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