Klassik Lounge Playlist012

Klassik Lounge 21-09-2015



1. Dan Arborise, Under your spell (Just Music)
2. Bob Holroyd, The release (Coded Fantasy Rmx.) (Long Tale)
3. Røyksopp & Robyn, Monument (Dog Triumph)
4. Mashti & Jean Von Baden, Indian man of trouble (Amor Records)
5. DJ Pippi & Sandro S, Fatal (feat. Laurance B) (Cold Busted)


1. East Forest, The simple things (Bandcamp)
2. Gigi Masin, Fata Morgana (Music from memory)
3. Solar Fields, Cocoon moon (Essoniam Rmx.) (Bandcamp)
4. Fade, Summerwind (Coffee Bay Recordings)
5. Corrado Saija, Take five (LGM)
6. Benjamin Wild & Daniel Esswein, 41 (Carpe Sonum)


1. Thomas Lemmer, White Room (Setsuna Rmx.) (Sine Music)
2. Ganga, Oceans alive (Flinc Music)
3. Carlos Cervilla, Essence of Formentera (Seamless)
4. Riccicomoto, Essence (Classical Dub Session) (LGM)
5. Tom Middleton, Sea of Glass (Alucidnation Remix) (Big Chill)
6. Stumbleine feat. Violet Skies, We’re shadows (Monotreme)


1. Luis Bacalov, Welcome home (Varese Sarabande)
2. Kaya Project, Smoke signals (Interchill)
3. Max Cooper, Woven ancestry (Lusine Remix) (Fields)
4. Guti, We love you (Rompecorazones)
5. Whitetree, Derek’s garden (Pondarosa Music & Art)
6. Lars Leonhard, The glade (Lars Leonhard)
7. Gisle Torvik, Blå skugge (Ozella)

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