Klassik Lounge Playlist Neutral2

Klassik Lounge 12-08-2015



1. Martin Tingvall, The journey (Skip)
2. Yosi Horikawa, Stars (First Word Records)
3. Lemongrass, Heartbreaker (Zero Cult Remix) (LGM)
4. Rara Avis, Yesterday (Six Degrees)
5. Stimulus Timbre, Garden of rest (CosmicLeaf)
6. Alucidnation, A paean (Lucid Recordings)


1. Dreamhunter, Getaway pilot (LGM)
2. Pravana, Mudita (Amanaska Remix) (One World Music)
3. Texture Unity, P.S. (Miniatures Records)
4. Ada, Likely (Pampa)
5. Felix Laband, Getting old (Compost)
6. Ambient Jazz Ensemble, Eyes Wide Open (Stillhead Rmx) (Here & Now)


1. Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra, Falling waters (Gondwana Rec)
2. Dubsworth, Circular reason (Interchill)
3. Audio Shaman, Paimanya (One World Music)
4. Martin Hasdrubal, Eyes (Martin Hasdrubal)
5. Sync24, Something something (Ultimae)
6. Placid Larry, The big chill (LGM)


1. fLako, Spice melange (Five Easy Pieces)
2. Animat, Liquid fuel (Animat Music)
3. I’m not a band, Cages (Christian Löffler Remix) (AdP Records)
4. Himalia, Falling (Pegdoll)
5. Mosch, Natural blaze (DuzzDownSan)
6. Dee C’rell, Farewell northern bird, Part 04 (Holm Rec)
7. Silmus, Close to light (Tessellate)

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