Klassik Lounge Playlist014

Klassik Lounge 18-06-2015


1. Anna Nikitin, Enter Freistatt (Colosseum)
2. Sangeet, Manjeera (Nomad)
3. Shaman’s Dream, Istanbul Dubphonics (Drumspyder Rmx) (Bandcamp)
4. Parra for cuva, Nagi (Lenient Tales)
5. WhoMadeWho, There’s a way (Get Physical)
6. Cassara, Seaside (Soundcolours)


1. Emika, Dilo 8 (Emika Records)
2. Enviado Vida, We are (Incepto Smooth)
3. Ialaz, Go with the flow (Diventa)
4. Tauon, Burgeon (Sine Music)
5. Bryan El, Genesis (Amadea)
6. Rising Appalachia, Medicine (Rising Appalachia Music)
7. Lo Tide, Lessons (Organik Recordings)
8. Dale Miller, Peregrinazione lagunaria (Diplocomp)


1. Texture Unity, Lovely song (Miniatures Records)
2. Adham Shaikh, Rumba Dub (Black Swan Sounds)
3. Pulshar, Big mistakes (Desolat)
4. Jon Kennedy, Boom clack (Martin Brew Remix) (JKF)
5. Digitonal, Luna (Just Music)
6. East Forest, Remembering how (East Forest)


1. Jazzdefector, And now my winter comes (Tessellate)
2. Georgy Om, Melancholy (Easy Summer)
3. Klangstein, Flowtation (Sine Music)
4. Maïa Vidal, The tide (Crammed Discs)
5. Capa, Untroubled (LGM)
6. Another fine day, I can hear your heart (Interchill)
7. Der Waldläufer, Stella solaris (Ambiosoul)
8. Anne Garner, Leave your bed (Slowcraft)

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