Klassik Lounge Playlist014

Klassik Lounge 11-06-2015


1. Another Fine Day, A good place to be (Interchill)
2. Enviado Vida, 160914 (Incepto Smooth)
3. Federico Albanese, Disclosed (John Lemke Rework) (Denovali / Nightflight Vol.7)
4. Todd Terje, Johnny and Mary (feat. Bryan Ferry) (Olsen Records)
5. Parra for cuva, Decay (Lenient Tales)
6. Van, Elegant person (Diventa)
7. DJ Drez, Moving up (OM Records)


1. Frameworks, No place to hide away ft. JP Cooper (First Word)
2. Eighty Mile Beach, Arboleda de manzanitas (OM Records)
3. Fissunix, Ain’t no stairway high enough to hip-hop heaven (Gramatik Remashed)
4. Nôze, Supernova (Circus Company)
5. Digitonal, It doesn’t matter (Just Music)
6. Georgy Om, Through silence (Easy Summer)


1. Floex, Saturnin fire and the restless ocean (Hidden Orchestra Rmx) (Denovali)
2. Tom Strobe, Distance (Incepto Smooth)
3. Darkness Falls, Night games (Single Version) (hfn)
4. Kasar, Krai woog gumpen (Sonar Kollektiv)
5. Michael E, Oronoco (Michael E Music)
6. Christian Lamper, Guitars bazar (Incepto Smooth)
7. Mashti, Mapusa (Amor Records)


1. David Holmes, Hey Maggy (LateNightTales)
2. Anne Garner, Wherever you go (Slowcraft Records)
3. Lawrence, Panopticon (Mule Musiq)
4. Jorin Voorn, The monk (Green)
5. Portico, 101 (feat. Joe Newman) (Ninja Tune)
6. Sebastian Tellier, L’amour et la violence (Nico Pusch Bootleg Rmx)
7. Ambient Jazz Ensemble, Never in doubt (Widescreen Rework) (Here & Now)

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