Klassik Lounge Playlist031

Klassik Lounge 09-06-2015


1. Alucidnation, The view from the balcony Part 2 (Interchill)
2. Tosca, Bonjour (Echologist Dub) (!k7)
3. Fingers in the noise, Plenitude (Ultimae)
4. Laroca, Sinbad (Just Music)
5. ID3, Somewhere within your soul (Loodma Recordings)
6. The Deadbeats, You never know (Wax on)


1. Trentemøller, The dream (In my room)
2. A reminiscent drive, Life is beautiful (F-Com)
4. Knut Bjørnar Asphol, A view from a mountain (India Records)
5. Manose, Buddha’s lullaby (White Swan)
6. Dollboy, York road (Second language Music)
7. Marcus Loeber, Remember (Billibabe Records)


1. Ojan, Beginnings (Melodica Recordings)
2. Echaskech, 7th fall (Just Music)
3. Banco de Gaia, All sleeping (Hibernation Rmx.) (Disco Gecko)
4. Tim Angrave, A place to be (LGM)
5. Latrama, Electric nava (Pharma Tunes)
6. Mosaic Project, Opposites (Claudia Records)


1. Pascheba, IZen (FBM)
2. Tom Middleton, Astral projection (One World Music)
3. Pete Gooding & Jonathan Cowan, Mirage (Ambient Mix) (Cr2 Records)
4. Marcel Walter, Morgens im Garten (Peacelounge)
5. Der Waldläufer, Dawning venus (Funkfood)
6. Singularis, The perception and the understanding (Netlabel GV Sound)

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