Klassik Lounge Playlist031

Klassik Lounge 28-04-2015


1. Hittfeld, Useful noise (Billibabe Records)
2. Temple Step Project, Truth and grace (Desert Trax)
3. Nasser Shibani, Just if (Diventa)
4. Ganga, Blessed (Flinc Music)
5. Scuba, Before (After) (Hotflush Recordings)
6. Ulrich Schnauss, Like a ghost in your own life (Scripted Realities)
7. Digital Rain, Forgive (LGM)


1. Lauge & Baba Gnohm, Fields of light (Bandcamp)
2. Krishna Das, By your grace / Jai Gurudev (Varese Sarabande)
3. Adham Shaikh, Fibonacci spiral song (Sonicturtle)
4. Dollboy, Warschauer Strasse (Second Language)


1. Miktek, Ominous ride (Ultimae)
2. Haraket, Taint (Djrum Remix) (Melodica Recordings)
3. Rophonic, Earth lift (Animat Music)
4. Marconi Union, Flying (In crimson skies) (Just Music)
5. Shamans Dream, Mother water (Sounds true)


1. Kottarashky, September (Asphalt Tango Records)
2. Nosaj Thing, Safe (Innovative Leisure Records)
3. Jah Wobble & Marconi Union, Reality crash (30 Hertz Records)
4. Mirage of deep, The cosmic vortex (LGM)
5. Boards of Canada, White cyclosa (Warp)
6. State Azure, Time invariant (Bandcamp)
7. Sea Oleena, Insomnia plague (Bandcamp)
8. Sense, Floatingtimepoints (Psychonavigation)

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