Klassik Lounge Playlist014

Klassik Lounge 27-04-2015


1. Keith Kenniff, The journey (Unseen)
2. Erik Wøllo, Pathway (Projekt)
3. Roberto Bronco, Back in the days (Mix version) (LGM / Nightflight Vol.7)
4. Marti Nikko & DJ Drez, Lakshmi (Black Swan)
5. Dee C’rell, Leivatho (Holm Records)
6. State Azure, Peninsula (Bandcamp)
7. Roque & Jaidene Veda, Wanderlust (reprise de Etienne) (Jaiveda)


1. Cantoma, Just landed (Pete Herbert Rmx) (Highwood Recordings)
2. Steen Thottrup, Live for the sun (Wormland White)
3. Euphonic Traveller, Crescent bay (Cyronmusic)
4. Eskmo, Blue and grey (Apollo)
5. Frameworks, Patience (First Word Records)


1. Jimmy LaValle, Louise (Eastern Glow Recordings)
2. Capa, The acting compass (LGM / Nightflight Vol.7)
3. Lusine, Arterial (Ghostly)
4. Grandbrothers, Wuppertal (Film Recordings)
5. Manu Delago, Disgustingly beautiful (feat. Isa Kurz) (Tru Thoughts)
6. Helios, Clementine (Merck)
7. Pablo Bolivar & Sensual Physics, Convex (Seven Villas)


1. Anne Garner, In time (live) (Slowcraft Records)
2. Polaroid Notes, The long bright dark (Audio Gourmet)
3. Darkel, Satanama (Prototyp Recording)
4. Slow Steve, Prince de combat (Morr Music)
5. Eguana, She in a lilac dress (CosmicLeaf)
6. Alexander Volosnikov, Thoughts have become reality (Easy Summer)

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