Klassik Lounge Playlist014

Klassik Lounge 12-03-2015


1. The Kenneth Bager Experience, Sunset over hobro (MFD)
2. Steen Thottrup, I feel, missing u (A tribute to the sun) (Wormland White)
3. Yantra Mantra, Early morning fog (Diventa)
4. Ravenherz, Host (Bonzai Elemental)
5. Johan Agebjörn, The boy who thought it was a good idea to cry (Paper Bag)
6. Lauge, Sollys (Bandcamp)


1. Mr. Echo, Last trumpet in Las Palmas (Cold Busted)
2. Trevor Deep Jr., Othaway (HPTY)
3. Setsuna, Docked (Sine Music)
4. Amanaska, Feel (One World Music)
5. Eguana, Lost in the mist (CosmicLeaf)
6. Charlie North, Embers (Charlie North)


1. Porya Hatami, After the rain (Remixed by Halo) (Dewtone)
2. Essay & Stumbleine, Rhiannon (Bandcamp)
3. Faidel & Warmth, Stray lights (Etoka)
4. Blue Universe, At the river (Bliss Mix) (Park Lane Recordings)
5. Michael E, Spacewalker (Michael E Music)
6. Jens Buchert, Airboarding (Dimension Music)


1. Marius Ziska, Going home (Stargazer Records)
2. Jon Hopkins, I remember (Exclusive Yeasayer Cover Version) (LateNightTales)
3. Blank & Jones, Milchbar 10:00 am (Soundcolours)
4. Phaeleh, Alignment (Undertow)
5. Eskadet, Inaccessible (LGM)
6. Leandro Fresco, La herida del soldado (Kompakt)
7. Thomas Lemmer, Deine Wege (Ruhe Mix) (Sine Music)

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