Klassik Lounge Playlist02

Klassik Lounge 10-03-2015


1. Near the parenthesis, Voice and audio bureau (treated) (n5MD)
2. Phonokinetics, Astral fluctuating garden (LGM)
3. Desert Dwellers, Mysterious presence (Yogitunes)
4. Fever Ray, Keep the streets empty for me (Rabid Records)
5. Miktek, Purity (Ultimae)
6. Shamans Dream, Nectar (Sounds True)


1. Boards of Canada, Sundown (Warp)
2. Nosaj Thing, Home (Innovative Leisure Records)
3. Side Liner, I wish I was a kid again (CosmicLeaf)
4. Marcopipko, Cold morning (Secrets of the sun)
5. Zagar, Lightstones (Mole Listening Pearls)
6. Dollboy, Arctic winter (Alan Day’s North West Passage Mix) (Bandcamp)
7. Benjamin Finger, Restbelief (Tessellate Recordings)
8. Ludovico Einaudi, Cache-Cache (TF1)


1. Jette von Roth, Komische Welt (Roter Punkt)
2. Ingrid Chavez, Les fleurs du mal (Ten Windows)
3. Fredrik Ohr, Interlocked (Aleph Zero)
4. Eskadet, Translation (LGM)
5. Dee C’rell, Looping at the Spree (Holm Records)


1. Dieter Geike, Jamphe Yeshi (Prudence)
2. Thierry David, Lost Atlantis (Vox Terrae)
3. Bliss, Believe (Nordic Music Society)
4. State Azure, Returning (Bandcamp)
5. Steve Gold, Golden Om (Bandcamp)
6. Five Seasons, Deep valley (LGM)
7. Guy Birkin, Bramble (Runningonair Music)
8. King Creosote, Circle my demise (De-Fence)

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