Klassik Lounge Playlist014

Klassik Lounge 09-03-2015


1. Tempelhof & Gigi Masin, She left home (Hell Yeah Recordings)
2. Francois Maugame, Interstellar (Diventa)
3. Orbient, Dependency (Echopearls)
4. Baby Alpaca, Sea of dreams (Turbotito Remix) (Music for dreams)
5. Tim Angrave, Nightvision (LGM)
6. D.I.P. project, La nostal (Easy Summer)


1. Agnes Obel, Riverside (Lulu Rouge Remix) (PIAS)
2. Marconi Union, Alone together (Just Music)
3. Bella Gaia, Jaan (feat. Deep Singh) (Remedy Arts LLC)
4. Sambox, Guest star (Concorde Avenue)
5. Castlebed, Quota (LGM)
6. Groovecatcher, Soul blast (basicLUX Records)


1. Amanaska, Over and over (One World Music)
2. Van, Scent of summer (LGM)
3. Maricopa, Pastel love (Back To The Balearics)
4. Flight Facilities, Clair de lune (feat. Christine Hoberg) (Future Classic)
5. Sine, To the sun (Sine Music)
6. Covershocks, Honey (Jon Kennedy Federation)


1. Cantoma, Just Landed (Pete Herbert Remix) (Highwood Recordings)
2. Oka, Simple way (Oka Music)
3. Perry Frank, Shardana (Ideal Musik)
4. Anthya, Voice of desert (Real Groove Lounge Records)
5. No Logo, Now We Try (Jean von Baden & Mashti Stella Polaris Remix) (Stella Polaris)
6. Dan Mangan & Jesse Zubot, Jude in the booth (Varese Sarabande)

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