Klassik Lounge Playlist Neutral2

Klassik Lounge 04-03-2015


1. Sebastian Pille, Das Haus (Colosseum)
2. Alucidnation, Genetics (Interchill)
3. Stumbleine, Fake plastic trees ft. CoMa (Bandcamp)
4. Paulsen & Stryczek, Oryx (LGM)
5. Hidden Orchestra, Footsteps (Tru Thoughts)
6. Sounds from the ground, Feels real (Upstream Records)


1. Fingers in the noise, Undo & Redo (Fitn Personal Records)
2. Sven Weisemann, Killiny beach (Mojuba)
3. Brickman, Sublime (Fingers in the noise Remix) (City Life)
4. Lulu Rouge with Alice Carreri, Crazy epilogue (Lulu Rouge Recordings)
5. Jon Hopkins, Lost map / The hawk (Just Music)
6. Dr. Sounds, Entity (Mareld)


1. Lars Leonhard, Colours of autumn (BineMusic)
2. Zagar, Supernova echoes (Mole)
3. DJ Drez, Ma (feat. Arjun Baba) (Back Swan Sounds)
4. State Azure, A fragile purpose (Bandcamp)
5. Dub Sutra, Buffalo dance (Bandcamp)


1. Recondite, Grove (Ghostly International)
2. Trentemøller, Come undone (In my room)
3. ID3, Collage of broken thoughts (Loodma)
4. Fabrizio Paterlini, Autumn stories week #6 (FPR)
5. Tom Green, Tundra (Another fine label)
6. Miss Silencio & Dr. Atmo, Hush! (Psychonavigation)
7. Last days, Fidra (n5md)
8. Gisle Torvik, Stille song (Ozella)

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