Klassik Lounge Playlist02

Klassik Lounge 17-02-2015


1. Goldmund, Hope avenue (Western Vinyl)
2. Dee C’rell, Falling backwards (Holm Records)
3. Kaya Project, Eye of the storm (Interchill)
4. State Azure, Patterns in the dust (Bandcamp)
5. Phonokinetics, Celtic dream (LGM)
6. Nosaj Thing, Phase III (Innovative Leisure Records)
7. Near the parenthesis, This too (Unseen)


1. Jon Hopkins, Immunity (Domino)
2. Fredrik Ohr, Eating fog (Aleph Zero)
3. Miktek, Elephants (Ultimae)
4. The Cloisters, Riverchrist (Second Language)
5. Shamans Dream, Into the timeless (Sounds True)


1. Kolby Wade, Isolated population (LGM)
2. Vector Lovers, Clandestine (Soma)
3. Kryptic Minds, Brief passing (Interchill)
4. Bliss, Mivahetsek (Music for dreams)
5. Krystian Shek, Nuh in the ark (Fax Records)
6. Dub Mars, The storyteller (LGM)
7. Bryan Milton, Sunny day (Sine Music)


1. DJ Drez, Jungle lights (Black Swan Sounds)
2. Knut Bjørnar Asphol, A view from a mountain (India Records)
3. Der Waldläufer, Nature – the calling (Ambiosoul)
4. Keisuke Sakai, Mizu Sumu (LGM)
5. Circular, Drifting (Ultimae)
6. Un Vortice di bassa pressione, Why not (OndaDrops)
7. Sea Oleena, Sister (Bandcamp)
8. Martin Fuhs, Untitled.Eleven (Oktaf)

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