Klassik Lounge Playlist031

Klassik Lounge 27-01-2015


1. Mark Oakland, Lovetrapping (LGM)
2. Pulshar, Prepare (Desolat)
3. Brace & Kabanjak, Abra kabra (Switchstance)
4. T_Mo, Pinnacle (Seamless)
5. Lamb, As satellites go by (Strata/Buter)
6. Setsuna, Three (Thomas Lemmer Chillout Remix) (Sine Music)
7. East Forest, Highway (Aquilo Records)


1. Van, Excursion (LGM)
2. Twincities, In the light of the carolina hill (Audio Gourmet)
3. Martin Nonstatic, Cloud shapes (BineMusic)
4. Anemine, Adams (LGM
5. The Gaudan Project, Jungle bliss (Bandcamp)


1. Dmitry Lee’O, Along the lake (Easy Summer)
2. Germind, Funnel mind (CosmicLeaf)
3. Orbient, Dessin de mode (Echopearls)
4. Marconi Union, Weightless Part 6 (Just Music)
5. Asura. Interlude sky (Ultimae)
6. Carlos Cipa, Hang on to your lights (Denovali)


1. Dan Mangan & Jesse Zubot, Tic toc (Varese Sarabande)
2. Phaeleh, So real (feat. Fifi Rong) (Undertow)
3. Pig & Dan, Silk (Bedrock)
4. Nina Simone, Images (Mashti & Jean Von Baden Remix) (Bootleg)
5. Stevin McNamara, Sun Moon and Stars (White Swan Records)
6. Perry Frank, Regrets (Tranquillo Records)
7. Antonymes, Borne of sadness (I) (Hibernate)

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